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Gingerbread molds pool

Here I upload various gingerbread molds made recently. All of them are copies of either ancient or modern molds wich I had found in the internet. The carving is made on laminated boards from basswood. The molds are treated with leenseed oil. (more…)

Kitchen sink water stone sharpening station

I saw somewhere a project where sharpening station for water stones was placed in a kitchen sink. I thought it was a nice idea because sharpening with water stones needs water and often causes quite a mess. So I decided to make something like that. (more…)

Frying pan handle

There was an old frying pan in our kitchen. Without handle. I decided to restore it.


Kitchen knife stand

Reasently I bought a very nice Japanese kitchen knife and decided to make a stand for it. I took a dried applewood log with natural crack in it, sawed the excesses off, added wooden butterfly to fix the knife in the stand, coated with spray lacquer and voila! (more…)

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