Selfmade tools

Leather disc for sharpening

I love to sharpen my tools with Japanese water stones. It is like meditation. First you choose appropriate stones for a particular blade. Then soak these stones in water for a while. Then level surfaces of the stones. Then pick up one stone and start to sharpen. Thoroughly, thoughtfuly, unhurriedly. Then you take second stone, then third, then fourth… Using nagura… Listening to shamisen… This way inevitably leads to full and ultimate enlightenment. But, to be honest, sometimes I just want to have sharp tool as quickly as possible to continue working on a current project. Usually after sharpening blade on stones I hone it a little bit on a leather strop with some paste. Or, for carving tools, I use a rotating felt disc with a paste as well. The last one is also good for honing woodworking tools, like plane blades, chisels etc. But felt is not capable to remove much material because it is soft and if strongly pressed it rounds a cutting edge. The leather is much harder than felt. And that’s the point. I decided to make a rotating leather disc for sharpening. (more…)

Axe handle making

Another little project.
This summer I found in my fathers garden shed an axe without a handle. It was pretty rusty. I cleaned it with a metal brush and saw this: (more…)

Poor man’s burnisher

I used to sharpen my card scraper with a screwdriver. But I was not satisfied with results. A good manufactured burnisher costs in my place about $40. Thats too much for me. But what is a burnisher? It is a rod of polished hard steel and some handle. No more. It reminded me a HSS drill bit shaft. So I made my DIY burnisher from 8 mm HSS drill bit, gluing it to self made handle from beech with epoxy glue. (more…)

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