Gingerbread molds pool

Here I upload various gingerbread molds made recently. All of them are copies of either ancient or modern molds wich I had found in the internet. The carving is made on laminated boards from basswood. The molds are treated with leenseed oil. (more…)

Frying pan handle

There was an old frying pan in our kitchen. Without handle. I decided to restore it.


St. Valentine’s day gift

I with my family decided to make a gift to our frend for St. Valentine’s day. Since recently I have been trying to carve gingerbread molds with varying success. So I was going to carve something for this case.
Preparing a panel board from basswood: (more…)

Pasochnitsa, Paskha mold

In most Russian families even not religious ones on Easter people cook a special dish. It is called ‘paskha’ (the same Russian word for Easter). It is made essentially from curd (cottage cheese) and other components and looks like truncated pyramid. To cook it one must have a special mold, which can be deconstructed because dish sides have carved drawings. This mold is called ‘pasochnitsa’ (from the word ‘paskha’). In previous times people made these moldes themselves from wood. And this item often stayed in a family for many generations. Now people usually buy in shops pasochnitsas made from plastic. But real one must be made from wood of course. (more…)

Kitchen knife stand

Reasently I bought a very nice Japanese kitchen knife and decided to make a stand for it. I took a dried applewood log with natural crack in it, sawed the excesses off, added wooden butterfly to fix the knife in the stand, coated with spray lacquer and voila! (more…)

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