Another little project.
This summer I found in my fathers garden shed an axe without a handle. It was pretty rusty. I cleaned it with a metal brush and saw this:

The stamp says that it was made in 1982:

I thought it would be nice to make a new handle.
For a handle a took this board.

Drawing the future handle shape:

I thought it was maple, but it was dark in a room and later I understood it was beech.

Sawing the shape on a bandsaw:

Sawing the chicks (for I was going to make a 3d knob on a handle end):

Rough shaping with a selfame draw knife:

The selfmade draw knife is made from a file:

Preparing the handle for metal part setting:

I drilled holes to avoid handle cracking with wedges.
Two perpendicular saw cuts for wedges:

Wedges are ready to be set:

I inserted the wedges with a glue and cut the excess:

I finished the handle with leenseed oil and liquid wax. As usual.
Several photos of the result:

At last I sharpened the axe, did several test chops. The grip is very comfortable. Cuts are easy and clean.
Well, I guess next project should be done with this new tool.