Christmas gifts

A couple of years ago I bought a lathe and since then practiced at it from time to time.

Last year I turned a few Christmas trees for gifts. One of them is here.


Woodworking workbench

It was my longest build so far and lasted for three years because of permanent lack of time. A half of work is done by hand tools. The top is made from birch, the bottom is made from pine. (more…)

Bird feeder

Winter is a hard time for birds. So I have decided to make a bird feeder.

It was my first project where I used turned parts. So training and developing designe were a lot of work. (more…)

Woodworking fest 2016 in Moscow

Last weekend 11th annual Woodworking fest took place in Sokolniki park, Moscow. 11 years ago this event began as a meeting of several passionate woodworkers in a private workshop. Each year number of participants was increasing. Last year more than one thousand persones from different regions of Russia participated. I guess this time number of people increased even more. It was first time when I decided to join this event.

On the fest various masterclasses, competitions, exibitions, tools, machinery, literature on woodworking, carving, wickerwork, turning, marquetry etc. were presented.

Here I post a short photo-report on the event. (more…)

Gingerbread molds pool

Here I upload various gingerbread molds made recently. All of them are copies of either ancient or modern molds wich I had found in the internet. The carving is made on laminated boards from basswood. The molds are treated with leenseed oil. (more…)

Dovetail joint

A long time ago I started a project. Tool cabinet. Today the progress looks like that: (more…)

Kitchen sink water stone sharpening station

I saw somewhere a project where sharpening station for water stones was placed in a kitchen sink. I thought it was a nice idea because sharpening with water stones needs water and often causes quite a mess. So I decided to make something like that. (more…)

Wooden glue sticks

I like to spread a glue on a board surfaces with a chip. Some time ago I did it with a chip I found on a floor or splitting it from scrap of wood. Such chips were of irregular shape and sometimes it took much time to find something appropriate. Now I use simple and fast technique allowing to get several dozens chips of perfect shape in couple of minutes. Here is a short pictorial. (more…)

Frying pan handle

There was an old frying pan in our kitchen. Without handle. I decided to restore it.


St. Valentine’s day gift

I with my family decided to make a gift to our frend for St. Valentine’s day. Since recently I have been trying to carve gingerbread molds with varying success. So I was going to carve something for this case.
Preparing a panel board from basswood: (more…)

Leather disc for sharpening

I love to sharpen my tools with Japanese water stones. It is like meditation. First you choose appropriate stones for a particular blade. Then soak these stones in water for a while. Then level surfaces of the stones. Then pick up one stone and start to sharpen. Thoroughly, thoughtfuly, unhurriedly. Then you take second stone, then third, then fourth… Using nagura… Listening to shamisen… This way inevitably leads to full and ultimate enlightenment. But, to be honest, sometimes I just want to have sharp tool as quickly as possible to continue working on a current project. Usually after sharpening blade on stones I hone it a little bit on a leather strop with some paste. Or, for carving tools, I use a rotating felt disc with a paste as well. The last one is also good for honing woodworking tools, like plane blades, chisels etc. But felt is not capable to remove much material because it is soft and if strongly pressed it rounds a cutting edge. The leather is much harder than felt. And that’s the point. I decided to make a rotating leather disc for sharpening. (more…)

Pasochnitsa, Paskha mold

In most Russian families even not religious ones on Easter people cook a special dish. It is called ‘paskha’ (the same Russian word for Easter). It is made essentially from curd (cottage cheese) and other components and looks like truncated pyramid. To cook it one must have a special mold, which can be deconstructed because dish sides have carved drawings. This mold is called ‘pasochnitsa’ (from the word ‘paskha’). In previous times people made these moldes themselves from wood. And this item often stayed in a family for many generations. Now people usually buy in shops pasochnitsas made from plastic. But real one must be made from wood of course. (more…)

Axe handle making

Another little project.
This summer I found in my fathers garden shed an axe without a handle. It was pretty rusty. I cleaned it with a metal brush and saw this: (more…)

Kitchen knife stand

Reasently I bought a very nice Japanese kitchen knife and decided to make a stand for it. I took a dried applewood log with natural crack in it, sawed the excesses off, added wooden butterfly to fix the knife in the stand, coated with spray lacquer and voila! (more…)

Poor man’s burnisher

I used to sharpen my card scraper with a screwdriver. But I was not satisfied with results. A good manufactured burnisher costs in my place about $40. Thats too much for me. But what is a burnisher? It is a rod of polished hard steel and some handle. No more. It reminded me a HSS drill bit shaft. So I made my DIY burnisher from 8 mm HSS drill bit, gluing it to self made handle from beech with epoxy glue. (more…)

Toilet paper holder

Toilet paper holder

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